Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy

Yapıray has formed and loyally drives Quality, Safety and Health at Work policy to make this insight much more clear.

Yapıray carries on to be a forerunner in rail systems by providing quality solutions that combines its policies with experience. Throughout this perspective, our Safety and health at work and environmental policies are listed below;

  • Yapıray plans and carries out all of its activities primarily by focusing on "Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Customers",
  • Yapıray invests primerily in human power by working with the most reasonable cost,
  • Yapıray provides competitive, affordable, reliable products and services,
  • Yapıray applies Quality, Occupational Health and Environmental Management Systems effectively and provides continuous improvement of them,
  • By taking into consideration the development of the industrial world, Yapıray Management is commited to anticipating situation that may arise in the future from to date, constantly developing and adopting corporate reviews as its "Yapıray Quality, OHS and Environment" policy,

"YAPIRAY, aims to provide Control of Environmental Impacts resulting from its activities; and high quality production with "Zero Work Accident" principle."

  • Yapıray aims to make its Quality, Occupational Health and Environmental Management Systems sustainable with the active participation of all its employees and suppliers,
  • Yapıray aims to provide full control of the Occupational Health and Safety risks that may arise from its activities and to monitor systematically in order to prevent them completely,
  • Yapıray - by determining the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace; and ensuring the health, safety and social welfare of workers, visitors and contractors - undertakes to minimize any kind of material and moral losses that may arise in future for themselves and their families.
  • Yapıray undertakes to fulfill the legal and related legislative requirements, to meet the obligations arising from the agreements and to provide the internal and external stakeholders with the requirements arising from the institutional responsibilities of the stakeholders.
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