In parallel with technologies developing currently, as in many sectors, construction and superstructure sector have experienced important changes. Our objective is the follow innovation and technology and achieve required standard and quality.

Our laboratories have been established in accordance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and aim to operate with the quality management system and ensuring testing services with internationally approved methods. It is aimed to get qualified, fast, reliable testing results for maximum customer satisfaction.

AGGREGATE Measurement of Particle Size Distribution via Screening Method EN 933 - 1
AGGREGATE Measurement of Loose Bulk Intensity and Clearance Volume EN 1097 - 3
AGGREGATE Measurement of Water Content via Drying in a Ventilated Oven EN 1097 - 5
AGGREGATE Measurement of Particle Density and Water Absorption Rate EN 1097 - 6
AGGREGATE Measurement of Thin Particles Methylene Blue Test EN 933 - 9
FRESH CONCRETE Slump Test EN 12350 - 2
FRESH CONCRETE Intensity Test EN 12350 - 6
FRESH CONCRETE Measurement of Air Content (Pressure Methods) EN 12350 - 7
HARDENED CONCRETE Measurement  Compressive Strength of Test Samples EN 12390 - 3
SLEEPER Measuring Dimensions EN 13230 - 1 
SLEEPER Positive and Negative Moment Test EN 13230 - 2
RAIL Bending Test for Butt-Welded Rails EN 14587 - 2 
RAIL Bending Test for Alumino Thermic Welded Rails EN 14730 - 1 + Al